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Good Riddance Is Certified To Provide FHA & VA Wood Destroying Insect Inspections For Real Estate Transactions, As Well As Subterranean Termite Soil Treatments For New Construction


Good Riddance Inc. uses only New York State fully licensed technicians


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Good Riddance, Inc. offers effective prevention options:


Option 1:

This program involves 3 treatments at 45 to 60 day intervals through the insect season. We spray 4ft up from the foundation and 3ft around flowerbeds and perimeter ground surfaces. This prevents carpenters ants, centipedes and virtually anything that crawls.


Option 2:

This all-inclusive program is a complete gutter-to-ground treatment. Like Option 1, it includes 3 treatments at 45 to 60 day intervals. This option keeps insects off nearby vegetation and the entire surface of the structure. If you have problems with spiders, this is the option for you.


Option 3:

This exterior rodent prevention program is your first line of defense against mice and rats from entering your home or business. Good Riddance, Inc. will also seal and eliminate any potential entry points.


* We use only non-staining, low odor treatment products.



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Small Animals





Carpenter Ants, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Cockroaches... all have an important role to fulfill in nature. However, these wild intruders are most unwelcome visitors in your home, where they can cause serious damage and spread diseases.

To avoid major structural damage to your home or personal injury it is important that Insect visitors be eradicated as soon as you find any sign of them.
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Birds can carry disease causing: respiratory ailments, viral infections & food poisoning. They cause $millions damage to property each year with unsightly droppings & nesting materials. The high uric acid content eats through metal, paint, fabric & other structural materials. Nesting materials cause 1000's of clogged drains every year resulting in property damage.

Call Good Riddance - if not removed quickly, nuisance birds can put both your property and your family at risk.
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Bats are important insect predators in the natural environment. However, when they choose to roost in your attic they can create a series of problems including damage, nasty smells and risks to your health.

To avoid physical damage to your property or personal harm from Bats call Good Riddance Pest Control at the first sign that you have bats in your business or residence.
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October through December is when the weather turns colder and rats and mice will attempt to seek a warm harbor in your home. They begin food storage and reproduce immediately upon taking residence.

Your Good Riddance Pest Control Technician can quickly find rodents and their entranceways into your home – and get rid of them for good!
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Small Animals:


Squirrels are a common nuisance gnawing away in Western New York attics. If you hear gnawing or scratching during the day you may well have a squirrel problem in your home. These small animals can't be legally poisoned and your only removal option is to have them trapped.

Your Good Riddance Pest Control Technician can quickly remove these pests and seal up their entranceways to prevent re-occurrence of the problem.
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Small Animals

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